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More Realism (v2)
Filename: more_realism_rh30_v2.zip

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Average User Rating: 5.5
Number of Votes: 4
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More Realism (v2) - File Description  

Those of you that have enjoyed the changes made in your gaming experience by installing More Realism (v1), have reason to be happy and jump for joy...those of you that have not installed v1, don't despair...here is your opportunity to enjoy v2!

This mod will exemplify the fun that you have while your enjoying the 'Road to Hill 30' adventure! If everything about the environment in this WWII shooter is what you want, but are not crazy about the lack of accuracy...or the equally lack of damage inflicted by the weapons will enjoy this mod! It is the opinion of catahoulak9 that reducing or removing the 'sway' of the weapons is not the best way to bring more realism to the game...in fact he believes the sway is needed for realism, instead, he has reduced the 'AimError' code by half, (although the ratios were kept the same) resulting in less random shots. Another change that is made by this download is the 'Damage_Human' codes; This code was increased, to better reflect the the effects of being/getting shot.

The main change that seperates this version from v1, is the removal of the ZOOM for some weapons. The developer feels that this adds to the authenticity and gives a more realistic feel while making long range sniping more difficult.

If you think these changes will make the game waay to easy, then play with this mod installed, and on the highest difficulty...I bet you will be plesently surprised!

So, what are you waiting for, the download link is a little lower, click it and enjoy Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 in a whole new way!

Refer to the readme for more information.

More Realism (v2) - Screenshots  
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More Realism (v2) - File Download Options  

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More Realism (v2) - Readme  
Readme File:
This is the same as my More Realism (v1) mod for BIA RH30 but now has the zoom removed from most weapons. I believe it has a more realistic feel and makes long range sniping more difficult. The goal of my mod is not to make the game easier, just more authentic as I see it.

Changes made are:

1) Damage_Human_SP= min values raised to 100 for most weapons to change them to a one shot kill.
2) AimError_Human= values reduced by half for more accurate weapons. Pistol values were not changed.
3) Open sight zoom removed on most weapons.

Installation is the same as for v1. Back up or rename your original */system/gbxInventory.u file and copy mine to your */system folder. This is a single player mod only and you will need your original unmodified gbxInventory.u file restored if you want to join any multiplayer games.

Feedback has been very helpful in the evolution of this mod and is appreciated.


More Realism (v2) - User Comments  
The following comments are owned by the user that posted them. BIAFiles is not responsible for their content.

Total comments: 13 | Last comment: 04-02-2007 at 08:39

 #1 - bug - 03-11-2007 at 16:35
From: (New York)
Joined: January 14th, 2006
Posts: 92
Hey, first off, great mod. You really know your stuff when it comes to weapon firing. I have to thank you for addressing one of the greatest problems with BiA.

I haven't tried out this version of the mod yet, but I had a bug with version 1. Every time I got on an MG, either 30 cal or MG42, the game would crash to desktop. Anyone else got this problem?

 #2 - OK - 03-12-2007 at 07:47
Joined: May 19th, 2005
Posts: 25
Sorry you're having problems with version 1. I reloaded it and could not duplicate the crash to desktop problem with the .30 cal. or mg42. Which chapter and at what level (easy, normal, difficult) did it crash for you? Is anyone else having problems with this too? Maybe you have a bad download file. Try downloading again and see if it continues or try version 2. It's the same as v1 but without the zoom effect. I'm working and testing a version 3 that is much more challenging with the enemy weapon damage levels increased to balance the accuracy changes. Version 3 reduces the "Rambo" tendency of shooting your way through the chapters and forces you to use your squad to suppress. It's the same concept of the original game, but just a different formula to achieve it.

 #3 - I think I know what it is. - 03-12-2007 at 15:24
From: (New York)
Joined: January 14th, 2006
Posts: 92
I think i might have gotten some of my files mixed up when I was testing out all these recent realism mods.Ya ab's v1 Realism made me replace the Inventory folder and it also had the crash problem. I probably forgot to replace my stock folder. But good work with the mod.

 #4 - Suggestions - 03-12-2007 at 17:32
From: (New York)
Joined: January 14th, 2006
Posts: 92
Sorry for double post, but I had a few ideas for this mod. It's up to you, you don't have to make the changes, but maybe you could make the Thompson a little more inaccurate (it was notoriously inaccurate, after all), give a few more clips for the Carbine (4 clips is too little, if you ask me. 8 would be better), and make the Carbine a little less powerful (the Carbine was pretty weak), yet not as weak as it is in stock game. Keep up the good work.

 #5 - Good Points - 03-12-2007 at 20:10
Joined: May 19th, 2005
Posts: 25
Thanks bushman for the heads up on the carbine ammo. That seems pretty low and I never notice you only started out with 4 clips. No wonder I was always bumming ammo from everyone. I will raise the level to 8 clips in version 3. I'm not sure how carbine ammo was carried. I've only seen the small belt pouch that holds 2 clips. Maybe someone can help with that to confirm what a typical amount would have been. Also I have tried dropping the damage levels but it just didn't seem right that one well placed shot to the head or chest would not kill someone. I've shot thousands of rounds from a carbine and though it's not an 8mm or .30-06, it packs a pretty good punch. But there were combat reports of the lack of killing power of the carbine. I'll play with it some more. As far as the Thompson goes, I agree with you but not that it was inaccurate, only that it was hard to control after the first round or two. I've never shot one but I understand it is a brute to control on full auto. I have backed off the accuracy for v3 and I'm playing with it to see how it feels. I'll post my finding here. Thanks for your suggestions. Have fun and watch for version 3..

 #6 - 03-13-2007 at 03:06
Joined: October 4th, 2003
Posts: 545
Sounds neat. IMO you don't really need to change so much accuracies of the gun, but more like add more recoil (if possible).

Two requests for the next version (I am quite sure it is not possible to do though) - add EiB-alike AI, increase enemy AI weapon damages also and add prone ability stick out tongue

 #7 - Coming Soon - 03-13-2007 at 05:28
Joined: May 19th, 2005
Posts: 25
I'm still fiddling with the weapon handling OldGonorrea. A prone position is way beyond my ability. I hope they have it in the next generation of BIA. I have increased the damage levels for the enemy AI and I'm very happy with the results. You can't stand and blaze away anymore without getting your head shot off too. Cover, suppression, flanking, all the original concepts are there now minus the frustration a P.O.S. weapon. Watch for version 3 coming soon.

 #8 - 03-13-2007 at 16:05
From: (New York)
Joined: January 14th, 2006
Posts: 92
Yea, I know that the Carbine came with a 2 clip ammo belt, but I think that was for troops who carried the carbine as a sidearm (i.e. Mortar crews, Machine gun squads, etc.). Those who carried it as their main frontline weapon (i.e. Paratroopers) got more ammo, but I can't tell you how much more, sorry. By the way, does your mod have the Thompson with a 30-round clip? I can't remember. If not, that might be something worth looking into as well.

 #9 - 03-13-2007 at 17:41
Joined: May 19th, 2005
Posts: 25
Yes, I changed it to a 30 round magazine because it looked like they were carrying them in RH30. I know paratroopers used them. The Thompsons I've seen in EiB have 20 round mags. There may be some 30's but I don't know. You never get a look at what you are carrying so I don't know what to set it for. Right now it's 30 round mags for both RH30 and EiB.

 #10 - 03-13-2007 at 17:51
From: (New York)
Joined: January 14th, 2006
Posts: 92
OK, thanks. I hated it in stock when my tommy would run out so fast.

 #11 - Change the characters plz! - 03-18-2007 at 10:29
From: (Ravenna)
Joined: December 19th, 2005
Posts: 25
what do you think to change all parÓ characters with the infantry characters?? (for all bia) would be nice! someone can do that?

 #12 - What? - 03-19-2007 at 10:54
Joined: May 19th, 2005
Posts: 25
I'm not sure what you're asking for.

 #13 - LOL - 04-02-2007 at 08:39
From: (Ravenna)
Joined: December 19th, 2005
Posts: 25
i said if someone can change the paratrooper characters with the infantry caracters models ! Roll Eyes (sarcastic)

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